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P-E-R-F-E-C-T with a capital "P"!


I received the doobie cap and it's P-E-E-R-F-E-C-T with a capital "P"!   I'm so happy it's insane :) :) :)  AAAAH! Fiannly, all my hair-wrapping dreams have come true.  Thank you so much for such a wonderful product.  I'll definitely be spreading the word to my gal-pals.

I appreciate your awesome customer service.  Keep up the great work and all the best with your business! 


Aite from TX

Perfect for my little girl!

I bought an Original Dominican Doobie Cap for myself some months ago and then one for my little girl.  The Jr Doobie cap was great for keeping her hair in place at night (no more fighting with her braids and loose hairs in the morning).  It was perfect for my little girl.


I then purchased one of the Summer Styles for her size and she LOVES it.  What's best - we compete in junior pageants and while we get her ready, she wears her cap.  I don't have to fuss about her hair and it makes us both less stressed.  Thank you so much for a great product.  I have given your site name to other parents because they could not believe how convenient it was.


Best of luck with your site and product.   By the way, my little princess won.  I've sent you pictures of her with her caps and her hair length so others can see how much hair the caps can hold.  She is texturized and blown dry.


Samantha from GA

I know my hair is taken care of!


Thanks for making such a wonderful product, I literally come home after work and immediately wrap my hair with the cap. For once, my scalp (and head) can breathe and I don't have to worry if I accidentally doze off on the couch or if I have to answer the door or take out trash!!! I know my hair is taken care of!


Aite from TX

Night sweats? Menopause?
Issue of the past! 
My cousin gave this to me as a gift and I didn't think it would work.  I am menapausal and the night sweats do a number on my hair.  I am used to the scarves, the tying, the sweating.  I tried this one night and didn't believe it.  Figured my AC was higher than usual that night or something.  Tried again...no sweats.  Tried again...still no sweats.  Now, I live by it and love how it is actually comfortable and easy.  
Thank you.

We thank you for your purchase and sharing your product satisfaction with us and your friends.


Here is to more happy hair and easier night time hair care.

My hair doesn't get as oily as it used to.  I have no complaints. 
Thank you so much for my two Dominican Doobie Caps!  I absolutely love them., I mean, I have no complaints.
Before, I use to wrap my hair with bobby pins and then throw on my silk scarf.  And then I would wake up the next morning and my hair would have the marks from the bobby pins.  Which is awful, I couldn't really rock my wash and set.  
Now I wrap my hair and throw on my Dominican Doobie Cap, and I don't even have to put on a silk scarf on top of it.  I wake up in the morning and style my wash and set without a problem.  
I also notice that my wash and sets last a lot longer now.  My hair doesn't get as oily as it used to. 
Again, thank you so much.  I've been recommending them to all the ladies in my family.  Your caps are definitely a keeper!  :-)
-Victoria from Massachusetts
Confession: I didn't think your product would work - boy, was I wrong! 
When my housemate told me about this product I shook my head at her and shamefully admit that I told her it was probably a bad gimmick.   The day she got the product I watched her excitement and thought: SUCKA!   That night she did her wrap and paraded around with it on.  Meanwhile, I was on the couch with my ugly stained scarf.  I told her there was no way that as going to stay on overnight.  I kept thinking of the cheap nets I had seen at the flea market.
However, when night after night came and each morning she was done with her hair way before I was and it looked perfect each time, I figured it was time to eat crow and order one of my own.
I admit, I truly didn't think it would work - boy was I wrong.  Having seen how it worked on her I realized I was the sucka for still wearing an ugly scarf and it not coming out neat each morning.  
It has been 3 mos since that purchase and I am in LOVE with my caps.  Notice I said CAPSSSSS.  Yah, I ordered 3 more to travel with, leave at my mom's, and have just in case.  All of them are the same great quality and you can tell they are handmade which makes me feel like I truly have a custom item and not some string holding hands thing.
Thank you for not making false promises and delivering a TOP notch item.
-Chearri from Ohio
I absolutely love it. 
I like how much more fashionable they are compared to walking around the house with a scarf that I have to constantly adjust and tie up over and over again (same thing when you are sleeping too...by the end of the night my scarf is nowhere to be found...smiles).
The Dominican Doobie Cap stays on great while sleeping. 
--Lauren from MD

The raves and compliments just keep on coming.  


And we are glad.

No sore spot in back of my head from tying anything tight to stay on.


Well I slept in my cap last night, and it didn't move at all! I

was sooooo impressed! And my wrap underneath was nice

and smooth, not lumpy and "wavy".


When I took my hair down, it was just as silky and soft as can be! And best of all, I didn't have a sore spot in the back of my head from the silk scarf having to be tight! And it didn't feel like my brain was being squeezed out my head! Lol


I will be definitely be buying another one once you get the other colors in!


Jennifer from WI

So simple & so comfy. 


I love this doobie cap, it really does stay in all night! No more scarfs for me.


Marina from CO

Bye, bye work hat.


Love My Doobie Cap. Now iDont Have To Wear My Stupid Work Hat Lol


Zaquira from Puerto Rico

So simple & so comfy. 


I love this doobie wrap. It is very comfortable.


Juliana from MO

None of them work as well as the Doobie cap. 

I want to thank you sooooo much for the Doobie Cap. I have tried several types of head wraps, scarves, and similar caps to wrap my hair and sleep in. NONE of them work as well as the Dominican Doobie cap. This is the best hair cap ever.


It's so easy to use and it doesn't come off; your hair stays in place!!! No product has ever been so satisfying.


After wrapping my hair and covering, I take it off the next morning and my hair has just as much body and bounce as if I just left the salon. I have recommended the Doobie to everyone I know. My daughter, nieces and friends all love it. They too have experienced the store bought caps that fell off in the middle of the night.


Monica from  FL


Waking up to style my hair - made simple.


I love the DDC! It held my hair in place perfectly all night and waking up to style my hair for the day was made simple.


The instructional video on how to use the cap is great as well. Thank you, DDC!! I'm forever a customer!


Meisha from TX

Don't be surprised if I order a couple more as backups.


My doobie cap just came in the mail this afternoon. It's a perfect fit! Don't be surprised if I order a couple more as backups


Krissy from VA



I love the cap.  I absolutely love it.


Belinda from NY

No need to constantly adjust and tie up.


I absolutely love it. 


I like how much more fashionable they are compared to walking around the house with a scarf that I have to constantly adjust and tie up over and over again (same thing when you are sleeping too...by the end of the night my scarf is no where to be found...smiles). The Dominican Doobie cap stays on great while sleeping.


Lauren from MD

Keeps my Dominican Blowout longer. 

After paying and enduring a Dominican Blowout, I want to keep hair looking right.  This is fantastic since it does not leave dents on my hair.


Chanteel from CA

Very high quality cap!


I love it! Makes my hair lie down smooth. Thank you very much, very high quality cap!


Charon from CA

Sooooo awesome!


Soooo awesome thanks so much!  I can't find a quality one to hold my hair and the cheap ones don't compare.


Carmen from  FL

Hair was perfect.


 I received it and used it for the first time last night...woke up and my hair was perfect!


Stephanie from NY

Now my sisters and mom want one too.


I tried it for the first time today I like it. Now my sisters and mom want one too. Good quality too.


Carla from MA

Very comfortable.


I just received it yesterday - Thursday. It is very nice and comfortable, I will definitely recommend it to family and friends. Thank you.


Teresita from CT

My hair wrap is perfect.


I wasn't sure what if this was going to work when I ordered it. I've always been bad at wrapping my hair but this made it a breeze.  I can't believe turning it actually perfects the wrap!  I love it.


Keneisha from NC

Hair looks fresh.


I love it!! I used it for the first time last night, my hair looks fresh and it was so comfortable!"


Karen from NJ

I even made facial expressions to test the elastic.


After receiving her shipment, this customer shared that she immediately put it on and made facial expression to test if the elastic would creep up or roll up or something uncomfortable.  After much testing, she said it was really awesome how it stayed in place and was so comfortable that she forgot it was on her head.


(Feedback was received while on a customer call to ensure it had arrived.)


Jennifer from WI

Super fast shipping!


I tried it last night, as promised, it stayed on my head and preserved my wrap - Thank you!!!   I am going to get another one.


Aite from TX


** May 6th:  This customer also wanted to ensure the right fit for her thick hair - an FAQ on how to fit your cap is forthcoming*

I like the idea that my hair can breathe under the cap.


I received my cap and used it last night.  It was a good size.  My hair stayed in place all night.  The cap did not slip off.  I like the idea that my hair can breathe under the cap.  I will be sharing with my friends who wrap their hair at night.


Bridgette from TX

For natural hair, Large was the way to go.


It fits perfectly and got my hair in its natural state.  The Medium will work when I straighten my hair.


Rose from NJ