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Frequently Asked Questions about The Original Dominican Doobie Cap


I want it but...I wish it were less money?


Considering it will be the last hair wrap cap you'll ever need - it's a small investment for healthy hair and comfort-filled sleep. Not to mention, save you time and money when it comes to hair care, style maintenance, and extend the time your labor-intensive treatments lasts.


Sure, hairnets are available everywhere but these are usually made in China (and definetly NOT for ethnic hair). Large scale manufactuers don't understand how important it is to keep a hair wrap in place and so their focus is on high volume production - not your needs.  These nets often just fall off.  Others require pins, tying, etc.  


With the Original Dominican Doobie Cap you get quality materials that are then hand knitted and tested for quality by a dedicated group of friends and family (see question 03).  This is not machine made and you'll know the difference the minute you get it.  Your hair will know the difference just as quickly.



Is this cap really guaranteed?


Yep.  Sure is.  That's how confidently we stand behind it.


We guarantee that with normal wear your Dominican Doobie Cap will hold its shape, keep your nightly or daily wrap in place, make your nightly routine easier, and save you hours and money at the salon (read question 04).


If your cap were to snag your hair, simply complete the Contact Us form and return your cap for a new replacement or your money back.  That's our guarantee.


Is this really handmade?


Yes. It really is and it really is helping a community of women.


The Original Dominican Doobie Cap is lovingly created by Dominican women who have children and households to maintain.  Many of these women do not have a formal education but are talented craftswomen with skills in knitting, crochetting, painting, and more.  Based on their time and availability, they set their price and produce pieces with pride and integrity.  This product helps them become empowered, improve their quality of life, and provide for their families.  The women are paid in dollars for each unit produced and not in the weak currency of the country.  Fair pay for labor means great products made with pride.  


In the future you will meet these women under a separate page on this site so you can know the woman whose hands created your cap.     


So, yes, this is really handmade and this is really about living in a global village.




Is this really worth it?


Absolutely.  I'll give you two immediate ways for you to see the worth:


Cut salon visits in half.  Keeps your hair fresh and frizz-free longer.

An average visit to a salon for an African American woman is easily $50.00.  Not to mention your time (on average about 3 hours per visit) and any other services you may add while there.  A simple Dominican blowout can cost around $45.   So, given your time and money for this service, how do you maintain your hair fresh for as long as you can?  A nightly regiment of wraps that do not mess up your investment is the answer.  But it's frustrating when those wraps cause sweat, come off in the middle of the night and there goes your newly straightened / frizz free hair.  The Dominican Doobie cap reduces night sweats that causes frizz, helps your hair stay smooth and straight longer, reduces your frequency to the salon.  That's a savings in both time and money right there.


Simplifies your nightly hair care regiment.

Brush, place cap, turn it, done.



How do I care for my cap?

Wash your Dominican Doobie Cap with mild soap, warm water, and air dry.   Do not place in dryer.​

My hair is natural, textured, kinky, etc - will this make it straight?

The short answer is  - no.  It will not MAKE it straight.  It will HELP you maintain it and protect it if you choose to hot comb it, flat iron, or blow dry it straight.


To change the composition of your hair without chemicals you will need to either blow dry it, hot comb, or flat iron.  The cap can't do that.  However, while it can't do this without tools --  it can however help it remain as such until you wet it or wash it or change it.  In other words, you can use it as the hair transitions and it will help you keep your labor-intensive treatment.  ​



Is the Dominican Doobie Cap available for wholesale, small personal distributors, or my salon?

Yes, we are expanding for wholesale and salon distribution.  If you are interested in purchasing caps at wholesale (min. 25 units), becoming a part time sales rep, or offering them at your salon, please contact me directly via the contact page.


PLEASE NOTE:  These items are HANDMADE and take time to be made and shipped.  Please keep this in mind if you wish to order a large quantity.  ​

I am menopausal and have night sweats - will this help?

Truth be told, we never thought of menopause when we created the Original Dominican Doobie Cap for hair wraps.  However, a recent customer testimonial touted just how fantastic it worked for her and how night sweats were reduced.  So yes, it will help and it seemed to help very well.  The customer said she doesn't have messed up/frizzed hair the night after going to the salon. Yay.


We have even heard from cancer patients who have purchased the Summer Style caps and loved them.  Who knew our little under the mango tree creation could help so many.

Is the material it is made from going to snag or dry my hair out?

No. No. And, no.  Each cap is made from a nylon material that GLIDES over your hair.  Unlike cotton which absorbs and holds moisture, nylon wicks it.  As soon as you open your shipment you will understand the gliding.  Not like silk which can snag on nails and down pillows, our caps glide and keep you fresh.




I would like a custom color or colors, can these be done for me?

Yes but, not right now.  We've tested the turn around time on a custom order and the availability of the materials used to make them and unfortunately, the time is just not that quick.  While my family and friends makes these as quick as possible in the Dominican Republic, when a certain color or embellishment is not available, it delays the process and ...well...not many Americans like to wait.  So, to keep you happy, our quality control high, and all parties content, we are not ready to provide this service.

Shipping costs, when to expect my cap, shipping during holidays, international shipping (UK, Canada, New Zealand, etc.)?

Everyone gets excited when they order something online and then anxiously wait for its delivery.  Please make note of the following:

Caps are shipped within 7-10 days of the order receipt date.  If we see that a shipment will occur close to or after the 10 day mark, we will notify you via email of any delays.   There is a $3.50 s/h costs on all orders and we fairly communicate when the delay is our fault.  In order to keep the cost of your cap and shipping low, we ship via USPS who has a delivery date of 4-5 days throughout the US.  Florida residents have a shorter delivery time.

If you need your cap IMMEDIATELY, this constitutes expedited shipping.  Please enter this request in the notes section of your order.  Expedited shipping and handling costs are applicable and you will be invoiced for such as soon as the order is received. 

Holiday shipping can get very tricky.  This is a small family owned/operated business and we too travel and take vacations.  That said, to avoid disappointment:  we do not ship between the Dec 22nd and Jan 2nd.  

International orders make our heart smile but they too have increased shipping costs.  We will notify you as soon as we receive your order and see your intl address.  We will invoice you for any additional charges.  It has been our experience that for the increased cost of the shipping, it is often wise to order at least two caps to make the expense worthwhile.  

Inclement weather SUCKS.  Being that we are in Florida, we are prime real estate for hurricanes.  We will ship your order as soon as we have power,  are safe, able to safely drive to the post office (and the post office is operational).  We will email you (again, assuming we have power) with your USPS tracking number for your shipment once the package has been dropped off.  If we do not have power, we won't be able to check email or notify you.  Please take this into consideration and if you can, delay your order until after the storm has passed.  We will post delay notices on the site and may say inventory is out of stock to discourage orders we won't be able to fulfill.