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Underneath the Mango Tree: Need Takes Shape

Tropical evenings are damp and hot. You sweat, you toss, you turn, you try not to get rattled when a mango hits loudly on the tin roof in the middle of the night.  And then, as if you needed more, you become frustrated when your silk scarf or bandana comes undone.  A sweaty night with a hot scalp and attempts to rest and maintain your hair.   


For years, like many other island women, Dominican women have fought against the humidity and frizz of the tropics.  We wrap our hair and attempt to secure our locks with bandanas, bobby pins, silk scarves, velcro wraps, towels, etc.  You name it, we've tried it.  And still, we continued to wake with frizzy hair, lost bandanas, additional breakage due to velcro or bobby pins, and more.  


One morning, after hearing my incessant hair complaints, my aunt called me outside to sit under the shade of the mango tree that covered the house. There, while talking away and sipping coffee, my aunt and her friend worked their hands.  Surrounded by the sweet smell of the fallen fruit and the balmy island breeze that brushed our skin, they created for me a cap to help hold my Dominican Doobie and manage the frizz. You now know it as the Dominican Doobie Cap.   


That night, two things happened:  the mango tree didn't drop a ripe fruit loudly over my bedroom, and my hair stayed in place - as did my handmade Dominican Doobie Cap.  No frizz caused by sweat, no hair all over the place due to tossing and turning.  No chemicals needed to hold it in place, no bobby pins to leave imprints, no discomfort. Nothing. Just fresh.

"I love the cap. I absolutely love it!!"

--Belinda from Farmingdale, NY

For Women: By Women with Hope and Vision.

The Dominican Doobie Cap is created by a group of creative female friends and family.  The small business was started to resolve a need and with the focus of offering a durable item to those who value quality.  With vision, heart, and teamwork, this small group of women hope to help other women and themselves into something positive.  Your purchase goes back to the makers and those that make this possible.


We do NOT have a factory - but a group of talented hands.  Not all caps are identical due to varying hands and methods.  But the result is the same - QUALITY, PRIDE, SATISFACTION.  


For more information or details: DoobieCap@gmail.com


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