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 A Dominican Doobie wrap (or Tubi) is a dry hair wrap used to protect your hair and help prolong your style.


It is the perfect system to wrap your hair for bed, while home doing chores, or - if you are Rhianna,  wearing to the music awards.  The choice is yours.  The end result is the same, regardless of when or where you wear your Doobie:  the doobie wrap protects your hair, helps prevent breakage, and maintains your smooth style. 


The Dominican Doobie Cap works with the Doobie by avoiding the need to use bobby pins to secure the hair in place.  Using the Dominican Doobie Cap takes away the need for bobby pins, takes away the need to tie scarves or bandanas that cause your scalp to sweat (resulting in more frizz), and gives a snug and comfortable fit to keep your style fresh.





"I love it!! I used it for the first time last night, my hair looks fresh and it was so comfortable!"

--Karen from West Orange, NJ

What is a Dominican Doobie Wrap or Dominican Tubi?

The Perfect Team:  How to wrap your hair and the Dominican Doobie Cap

Dominican Doobie wrap
  1. Brush or comb your hair to be tangle-free.

  2. Part your hair from the crown to the nape of your neck.

  3. Start wrapping the hair on the left side of the part in a clockwise manner.  Be sure to smooth the hair as you go.

  4. If your hair is very long, secure it with long bobby pins along the way.  But do your best not to.  Try to use as few as possible as these will need to be removed. 

  5. Continue to wrap the hair around your head.  Use a brush to help it all stay as compact to the scalp as possible.  Avoid creams or lotions to avoid it being sticky.

  6. Cover the Doobie with the Dominican Doobie Cap and, if you used bobby pins to secure the hair, carefully remove these through the cap openings.  Place your hand inside the cap to smooth any hairs.

  7. Once all pins have been removed, slide the cap around your head in the direction of your wrap to smooth out any hairs and tighten the wrap.  This will truly make the wrap tighter. 

Perfect Results:  Each and Every Time

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Great nightly hair care starts with a great wrap.  The Dominican Doobie Cap helps you get there each time.


  • Keep your cap on while you get ready for work, school, or whatever activity you have for the day/night.

  • Take your cap off in the direction you wrapped your hair.

  • With a wide-tooth comb, comb out your hair in direction of your wrap.

  • Style as desired.  No breakage, no frizz. No hassle.

The Dominican Doobie Cap makes your hair wrapping so easy.



 "I have tried several types of head wraps, scarfs, similar caps to wrap my hair and sleep in. NONE of them work as well as this Doobie cap. This is the best hair cap ever.  It's so easy to use and it doesn't come off; your hair stays in place!!! No product has ever been so satisfying."   

--Monica from Gulfport

Dominican Doobie wrap with Dominican Doobie Cap